ZAYN - Tonight (Audio)

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ZAYN's New Album "Icarus Falls" Out Now -

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Brandon Colbein
Brandon Colbein سنوات قبل
Im glad people liked this song <3 it was a pleasure to co-write.
Kyle Jude PAJ12_AgSm
Kyle Jude PAJ12_AgSm 2 سنوات قبل
i feel sad to those people who haven't heard this song yet. Beautiful song. Relaxing
VICTORIA P 2 سنوات قبل
Anyone else notice how Zayn doesn't put ads in front of his music videos on here. He lets you just fall right into his wonderful, mesmerising music without distracting ads. I like that about him. He seems to be good to his fans.
zara hossain
zara hossain 2 سنوات قبل
ya'll are sleeping on this dude, his voice is perfect
Fay 1234
Fay 1234 2 سنوات قبل
Just let me talk, you know what I'm sayin’
Imoh James
Imoh James سنوات قبل
Even after Zayn has released his third album I still come back to listen to his second album. This songs are divine. Out of this world goodness. Calms my nerves every time.
Hamza Ayub
Hamza Ayub 3 سنوات قبل
zayn is truly one of the best and underrated singers in the world
Divyani سنوات قبل
This song just calms me down instantly
Edrese Nodora
Edrese Nodora 2 سنوات قبل
In a matter of 2 years the dude has become super underrated. I feel as if they keep him under the radar and don’t let him blow up because his music for the most part isn’t trying to be main stream or cater the underground. The views in comparison between this album and random artists with way less talent is baffling. Music shouldn’t be about how you promote it. Music should be about how good the songs/albums are SIMPLE.
Sinaso Mxakaza
Sinaso Mxakaza
I don't think charts or awards could ever measure the genius that is poured into each of his song. There's just something magical and pure about his music. I find myself repeating songs trying to understand it all
bokuto emo mode
bokuto emo mode 2 سنوات قبل
why did every songs in this album sounds too damn good ?☝👀
At the end of the day everyone's agreed that he's indeed a best singer and songwriter. Zayn connects with us through his lyrics. I'm glad that I get to know about you Zayn. Your songs makes me feel better.
Ahan 3 سنوات قبل
we need to thanks zayn,he cares about his fans that doesn't have Spotify or Apple music he upload on youtube after he release his new song...thanks zayn❤
Sarwar Asif
Sarwar Asif 2 سنوات قبل
So underrated!!!!
Noah Martinez
Noah Martinez 2 سنوات قبل
Just lemme talk, you know what I’m sayin.
itsme luvly
itsme luvly سنوات قبل
Ashlesha سنوات قبل
This song is just so much addicting. I can't seem to stop listening to it.
Ashlesha سنوات قبل
this song is sooo calming, seriouslyyy
Whosyah 3 سنوات قبل
If Icarus Falls doesn’t win a Grammy I will be really disappointed. This album is truly a masterpiece.
xephialtesx سنوات قبل
Zayn's high notes will always be higher then my school grades.
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